Lived Expertise Committee

The Lived Expertise Committee (LEC), is made up of individuals who can offer a consumer’s perspective to the other committees, workgroups, and the Governance Board. The Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness is exploring ways to provide a reimbursement of expenses through a stipend and other incentives such as childcare, transportation, and/or meals. 

Committee Members

Samantha Bishop
Delphyne Freeman
Carolyn Jallow-Smith
Jeri LaPatra
Liz Lobaton
Johnnie Thomas
Aaliyah Wishnoff

Lived Expertise Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The Lived Expertise Committee roles and responsibilities will be primarily developed by the Lived Expertise Committee. The following are suggested roles and responsibilities. 

  • Attend a minimum of 75% meetings annually; 
  • Work with the CoC Services Coordinator to report progress on LEC activities to the Executive Committee, Governance Board and/or other CoC Committees; 
  • Have a desire to make change in the homeless response system;
  • Identify problems and/or gaps in the current systems of housing and services that are particularly important to correct;
  • Provide advice and recommendations for improvements to homelessness programs and services to the CoC Governance Board, CoC Members, and community leaders; 
  • Educate policy makers and legislators on how laws and regulations affect people experiencing homelessness and what changes could help people move out of homelessness;
  • Educate the community about the experience of homelessness; 
  • Suggest ways that community members can participate in activities to learn more about homelessness; 
  • Advocate for system reform and necessary funding at the federal, state, local, and community levels.

We are seeking  new members for this committee.

Upcoming Committee Events

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Lived Expertise Committee Composition

The LEC will consist of no more than 15 members, and no fewer than 10, all of whom will have one vote. LEC slate of seats is recommended by the Nomination Committee to the CoC Governance Board annually. Lived Expertise positions include population-specific, homeless service areas and other experiences. It is possible for one LEC member to cover multiple populations and experiences, as well as different roles/areas. All members should have been out of the CoC Coordinated Access System, and/or in a stable permanent housing or voucher program for a least 3 months.

  • Minimum of 1 CoC Board member lived experience.
  • Must have lived experience in Wake County.
  • The membership should be demographically diverse.

The LEC is committed to a diverse and inclusive oversight committee composition in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, and other factors.

The Nominations Committee of the CoC will be charged with monitoring the LEC for vacant seats and undertaking efforts to recruit a diverse membership. Nominations for the Lived Expertise Committee will be accepted on a rolling basis. Nominations will be reviewed as needed when openings to serve on the LEC are available.

Lived Expertise Committee Roles

In order to ensure that the CoC membership, Governing Board, and Committees are diverse and inclusive, multiple populations must be represented on the committee. The LEC should make every effort to have diverse representation from each area outlined below by at least (1) one LEC member. It is possible that one committee member may represent or have accessed services for more than one area.

  • Domestic Violence Survivor
  • Black, Indigenous, Latinx, or person of Color (BIPOC)
  • Single Adult
  • Unaccompanied Children and Youth
  • Behavioral health, Substance dependency, Mental Health
  • Resided in Emergency Shelter in Wake County
  • Participated in a Permanent Supportive Housing Program in Wake County
  • Received Street Outreach Services in Wake County
  • Adult only household (couples, adult with elderly member, adult with adult child, etc)
  • Veterans
  • Physical or Developmental Disability
  • Family/ Household with minors
  • Justice involved/ Re-entry from prison
  • Participated in a Rapid Rehousing Program in Wake County
  • Received a voucher for permanent housing in Wake County
  • Participated in Transitional Housing in Wake County
  • Bilingual/multi-language/non-native English speaker

Expectations of LEC Members and LEC Meetings

It is expected that LEC members participate fully in all aspects of the LEC, attend at least 75% of meetings of the LEC meetings. Members must fully participate and engage in all aspects of the committee; and complete external committee work as required, such as review of updated policies and procedures. Members are expected to work alongside other members from a diverse background, gender identity, religions, cultures, etc. The meeting schedule will be determined by the LEC Chair, in consultation with LEC members. All meetings are open to the public. Approved copies of committee meeting minutes will be posted on the CoC website. Encouraged to attend and participate as possible I CoC Governance Board meeting, CoC Membership meetings, and other CoC Committees and workgroups.

LEC Term Lengths and Limits

Terms will be staggered, creating 1-year limits for each member of the LEC, with the ability to renew for two additional 1-year extensions (maximum of 3 years, unless there are extenuating circumstances for a member who is filling an unexpired term). Terms will run on a rolling basis. Term extensions must be requested by the individual member and approved by the Committee. If a LEC member leaves before the end of the term, the replacement will be nominated by the Nominations Committee and approved by the CoC Governance Board.

Process for Member Selection

Nominations Committee accepts agency nominations and individual applications on a rolling basis for the LEC. The Nominations Committee recruits and nominates committee members for the CoC Governance Board. The LEC will vote for the Chair and Vice-Chair of the LEC. The Chair will coordinate with the Nominations Committee to solicit nominations for open seats from the community via website posting, agency distribution and CoC email list. The open seats will specify which roles/areas need to be covered, using the LEC Application Form.

Lived Expertise Committee Application Form

Either fill out the form below, or DOWNLOAD THIS FORM, print it out, and email it to us.